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Custom Manufacturing

Sky Innovations performs Custom Manufacturing for many industries. From the one off projects to the multiple parts lists, we have you covered. With a wide range background and a vast resources pool to choose from, we are confident we can get you the results you need. We have the ability to help you build, repair, machine, cut, assemble, and complete any special project that you may have.

We can pre plan designs or design on the fly, whatever fits your needs for the situation. We can provide a service that will get you results when no one else is interested. "No" is not a normal word in our vocabulary. Even if the project is out of our wheelhouse, we probably know someone who can help. Let us help you complete the oddities and let you move forward with your special projects and custom machining.

Plastic Injection Mold Repair

Plastic injection mold repair comes in many different forms. It entails: (1) Complete remanufactured details (2) Inserting damaged areas with new sections added (3) Weld and re-machining to obtain original steel conditions. Regardless of your needs, Sky Innovations will deliver quality end results. In many cases we work with the customer to ensure that the repair has long term integrity. We strive to provide the best repair techniques with the most viable cost solutions. Our process includes analyzing the failed components with root cause failure analysis, evaluating current steel conditions and hardness of the effected areas.

Lead time is always a factor, and is always one of our top priorities. In certain cases, a fast repair is needed to continue production with a follow up to secure the tools longevity. With time availability is set, conditions evaluated, and severity of repair is determined, our tool shop will work diligently to return your tool in its proper functioning state ready to shoot plastic. Sky Innovations stands behind their work 100 percent and will always do what it takes to satisfy your repair needs.

R&D and Prototyping

Sky Innovations always enjoys a great concept. One area we find very rewarding is helping people create new products. One thing that sets our tool shop apart from the rest of the pack, is we think completely outside of the box when needed. Although we remain grounded on proven concepts, there is almost always an alternate solution to any problem.

We believe that it truly takes a helping hand to create any new product and that is why we enjoy working closely with customers to launch their ideas into reality. With our abilities, we can produce and manufacture your one off pieces or small quantities for testing and assembly purposes. We can help in the areas of fit and function, design, and practical machinability for best end results. Let us help you turn your ideas into reality for the whole world to see.

Project Management

Sky Innovations was created in 2009, and its owner has been in the manufacturing industry since 1993. Not only have we seen many projects, ideas, manufacturing issues, and complete builds through all the years, we have been managing a vast majority of them since my Apprenticeship completion in 2000. Keeping that in mind, our tool shop would like to manage your projects that need special attention.

With our knowledge and resources, we can provide you with a rundown of ideas and solutions to get your projects done. Of course there are always hurdles with time constraints and manufacturing issues, but we can find the solution to best fit the needs. Project management can be a serious undertaking and not always an easy job, but we are up to the challenge. Let Sky Innovations put our resources to work for you in getting your projects to the manufacturing front line.

Machine Shop Services

  • Mold Repair 
  • Mold Maintenance
  • Grinding
  • Milling
  • Turning
  • Polishing
  • Fabrication
  • Assembly
  • Disassembly
  • Inspection
  • Part Reconstruction
  • Technical Support